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Which retailers are participating in the promo?

Only selected coffee machines purchased via the official De'Longhi landing page
are eligible for the promotion.

I have a question for Kaffiabo, who can I contact?

Please send inquiries by email to

How is my data treated?

By registering on, the customer agrees that Kaffiabo may use the data solely for the purpose of promoting and delivering the coffee. After three months, Kaffiabo deletes the customer's data.

Can other promotions or coupons on be combined with the Kaffiabo promo?

Yes, all promotions and coupons active during the promo period can be used with the
Kaffia subscription promo can be accumulated.

I'm on vacation and would like coffee to be delivered later. Is this possible?

Yes, contact with your request.

Can I determine the flavor notes of the coffee?

No, only dark-roasted coffee beans of the highest quality are sent for the promo, as Kaffiabo is convinced that these best suit De'Longhi's Italian coffee culture.