Social promise

1 – Food waste

2 – Fairtrade

3 – Sustainability

Coffee is a valuable resource that is mostly grown in economically disadvantaged countries around the equator. As part of this value chain, we take our responsibility seriously and therefore stand by the following social promise. Furthermore, we are aware of the scarcity of food, which is why we will always shape our way of thinking and our actions in a sustainable and respectful manner. We are convinced that each individual can have an impact on the bigger picture. Especially as a startup, we take our social responsibility seriously and are committed to the environment, as well as the socially disadvantaged in society - whether in the country in which we grow our products or here in Switzerland.

No food waste

It can always happen that you don't use all of your coffee. We would like to offer you a solution with which you can support the socially disadvantaged. Contact us and we will send you a prepaid label. Place the unopened 250g bags in our packaging, stick the label on it and take the package to the post office. Your coffee will be donated to a charitable institution. You donate your coffee and we cover the delivery costs. In this way, together we can make the people in these socially relevant organizations happy.

No exploitation

No matter how much coffee we buy in the future, we will never put pressure on the roasters' prices. We respect the prices of our suppliers, and of course expect in return that they also respect the prices of the coffee farmers. This means everyone in the value chain deserves their fair share - from the farmer to the roaster to us. Furthermore, when selecting our roasters, we always pay attention to their interaction and cooperation with the coffee farmers. For us, treating coffee farmers with dignity and respect is our top priority.

No waste of resources

This planet is our home, which is why we always think and act ecologically. This also explains our collaboration with exclusively Swiss roasters. In this way, on the one hand, we support the local economy and, on the other hand, we can keep transport routes as short as possible. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is of course recyclable. We would be happy if you also gave our packaging a third life.